FRAUD WARNING! website is a FRAUD!

Le Chi Sang, the owner, is a THIEF!

My name is Gleb Piatikow, some time ago I had an idea of getting some vintage restored scooters from Vietnam - one Vespa and one Lambretta.

At this moment I am setting up the court case against and Le Chi Sang through the Polish Police and Embassy. PLEASE CONTACT ME if you had any fraud transactions with and Le Chi Sang - it will help get our money back from this bastard!

Please read the emails we have exchanged with Le. You can download any or all of them clicking on the pdf icon on the right column of the website or next to every email.

Please also follow this link to see other frauds by and Le Chi Sang.

This website is presenting all the communication between us and Le Chi Sang, the order history, the money transfer record and what happened next - nothing but silence.

Le Chi Sang has stolen over 18.000 USD from the scooter community around the globe!

Have you been robbed as well? CONTACT ME!